ARCH 4252/6252

URBANbuild Technology

  • Course Number: ARCH 4252/6252
  • Instructors: 
  • Credits: 3
  • Semester: Spring

APFC-4320 /ATCS -6320 Course Information

In response to recent events in New Orleans, the URBANbuild design studio (ARCH 4042-02/ARCH 6042-02) concentrated on the development of single family house prototypes, and one was chosen for construction. Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans, a respected Community Development Corporation (CDC), has provided a site for the realization of students’ efforts. 

Work and research will be conducted at the scale of dwelling and fabrication - focusing on material issues and the coordination of related trades and subcontractors. Eleven projects have already been designed and constructed by the School’s URBANbuild program. Students will continue to build upon the lessons learned by those accomplishments. 

A three bedroom, two bath home of approximately 1,200 square feet will be constructed. Students will gain ‘hands on’ experience with materials and architectural systems while also being responsible for the coordination of group efforts; this is an opportunity to develop methods of professional conduct, expectation and responsibility. 


This course is a co-requisite of the URBANbuild options studio, ARCH 4042-02/ARCH 6042-02


Old Course Numbers: ATCS 4320/6320

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