ARCH 4935/6935

SPECIAL TOPICS: Ecologies of Prosperity

  • Course Number: ARCH 4935/6935
  • Instructors: 
    Margarita Jover
  • Credits: 3
  • Semester: Fall

The seminar’s objective is to provide students with a series of insights into the potentials of ‘Socioecological Urbanism’. A term that refers to a specific reformulation of today’s discipline and practices of ‘urban design, also called ‘urbanism’ in some parts of Europe. This reformulation broadens the role of architecture as a discipline to question the morphology, programs, and urban integration of today’s modernistic archetypes of the infrastructures of the city.

 The pedagogy of this seminar is based on the reading and analysis of contemporary and old texts and projects gathered on the publication ‘Ecologies of Prosperity’. The publication is structured as a reader for students and design practitioners, it promotes urban design as a catalyst for cultural, social, and environmental transformation within cities, towns, communities, institutions, and individuals faced with today’s most pressing urban challenges.

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