PRST 6620

History of New Orleans Regional Architecture

  • Course Number: PRST 6620
  • Instructors: 
  • Credits: 3
  • Semester: Spring

New Orleans Architecture examines the city’s built environment from its founding in 1718 to the present, as well as its historic neighborhoods. The city’s architectural legacy is explored from the standpoint of architectural stylistic trends, their relationship to national and international trends, the forces and architects that helped shape the styles, and local building types. Thirty-eight architectural styles are examined including Colonial, various Revivals, Aesthetic, Eclectic, Arts and Crafts, and the Modern Movement. Identifying characteristics of each style are discussed through illustrated lectures that also address revised perceptions of each based on current research. Historic interiors and landscapes and New Orleans urban history are addressed and field trips to observe the city’s architecture are included as well. Independent course projects are required. 

Old Course Number: PRST 6621

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