Neal Morris

Adjunct Lecturer
Bachelors of Art, Tulane University, 1995; Master of Business Administration, Tulane University, 1999; J.D. Degree, Tulane University School of Law, 1999

Neal Morris is a real estate developer and attorney who received his B.A., M.B.A., and J.D. degrees from Tulane University. He is a Harvard University Loeb Fellow, in 2009-2010 during his residence he researched blight elimination strategies and lectured on affordable housing finance.

In 2000, Neal founded Redmellon Restoration and Development The firm is a mission-driven company that focuses its efforts on large urban infill projects consisting of single-family and two-family homes. In 2006, Redmellon was awarded the Innovation in Housing Award from the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, and over the past several years, has renovated or developed over 400 units of affordable housing in New Orleans.

Redmellon’s current project is the historic rehabilitation of 51 units of formerly blighted singles and doubles in the Carrolton, Hoffman Triangle, and 7th Ward neighborhoods utilizing low income housing tax credits, historic rehabilitation tax credits, and NSP2 funds. As Neal says, “I don’t build housing for a living….I layer subsidies.”

Neal and his wife Anne have three small children. In 2006, he drove a $200 car across the Sahara desert, and in October of 2011 he pedaled 600 miles from Nashville to New Orleans to raise money for pediatric cancer research. He has spent way too much time in Siberia and he reads incessantly (so much that, according to his wife, he often does not hear his children even when they are calling for him and he is sitting right there). He is short and he has bad posture, but he does what he can (for example, no horizontal stripes).

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